Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Daily Candy Los Angeles has featured me as their stationery select for their 2008 Fall Wedding Guide

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Joann's family is planning a surprise party next month for her 60th birthday. I just finished up the invites this weekend.
Invite, Map card, RSVP, address stickers for both RSVP envelope and return sticker for the outer.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have always wanted to design a wedding invite in a poster form. When I suggested it to Michele she was equally as excited to do something different. Because the wedding was out of town in Tahoe, I built the design like a vintage ski poster. There were two follow up sheets one with travel plans and the second giving a weekend itinerary. Because they're such active people, they had golf games, hikes and cocktail parties all lined up for their guests.

The invite, sheets and RSVP were all shipped in a kraft tube with matching icon label. Needless to say their invites were a big hit [the guys especially loved this one!]

Printed digitally


Dave and Khobe were having a small ceremony at the home of a close friend for their wedding. They wanted something simple and elegant to match their event.

Khobe's instructions to me were: twigs, brown and green so I did a custom illustration for them and set type to match their style. We then lined their envelope with match chartreuse paper that highlighted the flowers on the twigs. She was very, very happy with them!

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If you're wondering...what is letterpress?
Letterpress printing is a meticulous and labor-intensive craft, resulting in high-quality invitations that bear more in common with a fine art print than a commercially printed product.

Letterpress is an age-old, artisan printing technique that involves applying one ink color at a time to vintage printing presses using printing plates. The plates have a raised surface where the ink is to be applied. When the inked plate meets the paper, it leaves an indentation.

John and Jane asked me to do their wedding invites and I was so happy to do the work for them. John is one of my favorite people in the world and Jane is just as lovely. They got married this August at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Jane wanted pink, green and vine/flowers featured on their invites. I came up with this sweet pea illustration that gave them the colors they wanted as well as some simple elegance.

I added a hand drawn map to bring the formality down a little bit. John and Jane are older they wanted to celebrate with a wedding but didn't want it to be so formal. We kept the pink to a minimum so that John didn't feel too "girlied out". Then envelope was lined with a simple floral inclusion paper and the invite and map were then wrapped with a thin pink ribbon 3 times.

We complimented the letterpressed invites with digital versions for the menu and folded pocket sized program.

Annie and Chad wanted something traditional yet a little bit of funky thrown in. We found that balance will flower illustrations I did for them and a hand drawn map to make it seem a little more organic.

Printed digitally.


Jessica graduatED this summer with her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. As she should, she had a big party to celebrate her success with a Luau / Polynesian themed party. I did two custom illustrations of a hibiscus flower that we carried through on the RSVP and the return labels.

Invite, map and rsvp printed letterpress
return label printed digitally

A chartreuse envelope and a burgundy liner kept the pallet Polynesian, yet simple and elegant. The map was also hand illustrated. We were on a tight deadlined for this project and were able to complete in 2+ weeks.


Alix is a little girl that loves to dance. For her 11th birthday she wanted to have a disco party [complete with disco ball-thank you very much]. I decided to make her invite look a little like a club flyer with a hint of Madonna thrown in. What we got was a stylish flyer-type invite that was folded and mailed in a square envelope.

At her party she gave away a matching CD and then followed up with a matching Thank You card.

Printed digitally


Rob turned 40 last summer. His lovely wife began planning his surprise party about eight months prior, going so far as to open a new bank account to stash money and opening new email accounts to send out information to the guests. It was quiet an elaborately planned event. I designed this in mind because Rob has really handsome salt and pepper hair and looks great in blue and grey.

We opted not to print the invite for fear they would find their way to Rob somehow. Instead we PDF'd the invites to each guest by email. We also included travel information for all of the out of town guest that were flying in.

Lastly, we followed up with a matching menu [digitally printed] that sat on each of the plates at the dinner.


Gord and his wife Michaela are some of the most stylish people I know. When Mick asked me to design a menu and place card for Gord's birthday I couldn't resist. The theme was an elegant black and white setting.

Printed digitally


Baby Dugan birth announcement.

Two colors, letterpressed
Matching envelope and return label that was printed digitally.

Mom wanted space for a photo which is the area to the right of the sheet.