Sunday, October 19, 2008


John and Jane asked me to do their wedding invites and I was so happy to do the work for them. John is one of my favorite people in the world and Jane is just as lovely. They got married this August at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Jane wanted pink, green and vine/flowers featured on their invites. I came up with this sweet pea illustration that gave them the colors they wanted as well as some simple elegance.

I added a hand drawn map to bring the formality down a little bit. John and Jane are older they wanted to celebrate with a wedding but didn't want it to be so formal. We kept the pink to a minimum so that John didn't feel too "girlied out". Then envelope was lined with a simple floral inclusion paper and the invite and map were then wrapped with a thin pink ribbon 3 times.

We complimented the letterpressed invites with digital versions for the menu and folded pocket sized program.

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