Sunday, October 19, 2008


Dave and Khobe were having a small ceremony at the home of a close friend for their wedding. They wanted something simple and elegant to match their event.

Khobe's instructions to me were: twigs, brown and green so I did a custom illustration for them and set type to match their style. We then lined their envelope with match chartreuse paper that highlighted the flowers on the twigs. She was very, very happy with them!

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If you're wondering...what is letterpress?
Letterpress printing is a meticulous and labor-intensive craft, resulting in high-quality invitations that bear more in common with a fine art print than a commercially printed product.

Letterpress is an age-old, artisan printing technique that involves applying one ink color at a time to vintage printing presses using printing plates. The plates have a raised surface where the ink is to be applied. When the inked plate meets the paper, it leaves an indentation.


franki durbin said...

you are so mad talented, richele!

Richie Designs said...

Thank You!!