Sunday, January 31, 2010

It seemed to me I needed a card that could fill in the blank for many different situations. As in, Wow that's really great that you got a promotion, graduated from college, got that thing you wanted, got your car washed, finally... sort of super note

But I also had a need for a sarcastic card that could say something like this: "that's just super that your toddler flushed your grandmother's watch down the toilet to see it spin" [yes, I had a friend that happened to] or maybe..."that's just super about that whole colonoscopy thing you're having done soon". And don't forget the old, " Wow, That's Just Super that your rash cleared up". Or the everyday need of "That's just super that your boyfriend finally came out of the closet". See? there are so many applications for a card like this!

I think you need one right? Say yes and click here. Let's hope that you have more use from the first group than the second.

available in sunny yellow with grey or pool blue with grey [both available on cream or white stock]

that's just super available now $4.95

Monday, January 04, 2010

Personal Notecard Projects

2 color letterpress
110# Crane's Lettra sheet

1 color letterpress
110# Crane's Lettra sheet

click to enlarge to see the cushy, yummy goodness!