Friday, July 24, 2009


Jenn and I got to be great email buddies over the past few months! We began her project, jeez, in March or April I think. Her and her fiance are living in Kenya currently. They are both in public health and are working on projects overseas [I think I understood her correctly?] I often got notes from her that said I'll be out of reach this week... off to Afghanistan, or the Congo! It was amazing to me that we were working on a project and she was on the other side of the world.

Jenn sent me a scan of a napkin sketch that they had in mind. They have lived in a number of different cities and wanted to incorporate each piece into their invite. Texas, Washington DC, Boston, London and Kenya. So each week I worked on a new component of the illustration. She gave me feedback each week and I altered and changed based on those comments. I lost count on how many weeks but I think it was pushing 12 before we printed! It just goes to show you that anything is possible these days on the web. Jenn and I only spoke once on the phone during our planned press check via twitter and the email images.

We stuck with a one color letterpress piece and I was able to add on last minute, the kissing icon in a hang tag size with some room left over on the plate. How much do you love their silhouettes? They took a photo of themselves against a white wall and I traced them for the illustration.

Components printed: Invite, Map/Info Card, RSVP, fold over Thank You card, and hang tag for the event and gifts.
Congrats Michael and Jenn have a wonderful wedding in October!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New over at Etsy

I printed a couple of new things they're over on Etsy. Stop in and check them out!
Available here

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I worked with christy's florist the amazing Diane Frederic from Twig Designs here in Los Angeles. Diane had already come up with a plan to use cymbidium orchids that will be wrapped on branches [how cool is that going to be?] Christy also has a theme of squares going with her cake and other elements so we went with a square format invite.

The wedding colors are jewel tones so I came up with the night blue envelope combo with moss green liner and the deep purple rsvp envelope. Mixing colors with your exterior paper is the easiest and least expensive way to add color into an invite on a budget.

Ink was matched to the deep purple envelope and everything is printed on Crane's Lettra 110# sheet in pearl white.
One Color Letterpress on all the pieces. We also did a placecard [not pictured] which turned out super cute. I'm still amazed
at how much detail happens even in the very, very small elements.