Saturday, September 20, 2008


SGM's face lift New for Summer 2009
I had done Scented Gloss Magazines first graphic header in late 2007 and when she revamped her site this summer she decided to redo a little bit of everything. We gave her a new icon and applied it to the header as well.



I published a set of greetings with Madison Park Greetings in December of 2007. I was very excited to attend the National Stationery Show in May 2008 with my work present. It's been one of those odd little dreams to have my work in New York City at that event.

Mostly geared toward young, hip 30-something women.

REPAIR PAL was a logo project I worked on in 2007. This first version of the logo was mine [top image], it since has gone through some transitions to it's present state [full site]. Repair Pal is an online guide to car repairs similar to Kelly Blue Book. Since going live it has been written up in everywhere from The New York Times to Consumer Reports. Their iPhone app using my orange car trunk icon has been Apple's staff favorite pick and one of the top free application downloads.



This is sort of a silly project to post because it's only a hotel key card to a Microsoft Convention. But, it's Microsoft. I helped a friend who needed a design-y eye and someone to build the file for her as she was heading the production of the on-site event.

I also get a great kick out of the fact that I used all Apple products to create it. wink, wink


Thai Yoga Therapy was a fun project for me with my yoga instructor Gabriel Hall. He asked for a square card so we made it 3"x3" and printed it on super chunky stock so it feels really good in the hand. Thai Yoga Therapy is actually a massage technique. I ended up using a hand illustration to capture the icon I wanted to present for Gabriel.

Gabriel is the owner of Yoga World Studio in Long Beach, California with his wife Michelle.


Gary Schechner is a good friend of mine. When he asked me to design his business card I was a little shocked [and honored] since he knows just about every major art director in Los Angeles. He wanted to use the lower case "g" as his logo mark and I came up with this. My good friend Dave Gath then incorporated it into Gary's website which is pretty neat.


CCRA is a new client of mine. They wanted a simple font based mark that will translate later to a stationery system and other pieces.

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fireflyzephyr said...

Hi, I love your Madison Park Greetings line. Any chance you still have some available for sale? Thanks!